World Champion


One of the most successful Kitesurf associations in Italy is THE ITALIAN KITESURF ASSOCIATION, which has been the undisputed leader of the most important sporting competitions for many years where it reached the summit with its athletes, having won the title of ABSOLUTE ITALIAN CHAMPIONS, and in 2015 the title of VICE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS. In 2017 instead we rank third at the FREESTYLE WORLD CUP. In 2018 instead VICE WORLD CHAMPIONS in the freestyle category.

World Champion SicilyYou can start as a simple practitioner and become a true champion of Italy, this is also our strength, as well as a fundamental element, demonstrating that sometimes sport, in addition to passion, can be transformed into a dream full of satisfactions even for Competitive level.

Discover this sport and get excited with it is one of the prerogatives that our crew has always pursued. We are always available to give you the discipline’s secrets, giving you the opportunity to use our experience and preparation so that in a very short time you can become a fantastic Kiters. Fill out the contact form to receive all the info. Don’t miss another chance to experience the 360° Kitesurf experience together with our crew.


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