Kitesurf Course


Below we insert a diagram of what the school belonging to AKI performs during a course.

The basic kitesurf course consists of 6 lessons:

1) Theoretical preparation and knowledge of materials;

  • A bit of history.
  • Kite, materials and their differences.
  • Security systems and the main rules.
  • The winds and the knowledge of the place.
  • Where a kite can fly and gaits.

2) In practical beach with simulator (2m kite);

Consists of a small kite that flies like a real wing but doesn’t have much traction, to realize only the correct movement of the bar. First learning exercises with kite.

3) In practical beach with a small kite;

(4 – 8 m kite) To start acquiring sensitivity on propulsion that delivers a sail.

4) Practice in the beach with a full size kite;

How and where to get a kite off and down, using the trapezoid.

5) In Water. Body drag (piloting the wing in the water);

Only after acquiring the right technique a earth, you can switch to body drag, which consists of “Body dragging” without the table. This exercise is the first contact in water with the materials.

6) In Water. Departure with the table;

Starting technique with the table on the ground. Departure in the water.


  • Medical certificate of healthy and robust constitution.
  • A personal passport photo.
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